Portfolio Intelligence podcast: why advisors use asset allocation models

U.S. Co-Head of Retail Product Steve Deroian shares his insight on the rise of asset allocation model portfolios and how new technology is changing how financial professionals work with clients. 

Why advisors use asset allocation models

Deroian details how third-party model portfolios can help professionals focus more on the relationship building that’s important to clients. Finally, he explains how model portfolios may make sense for specialized approaches such as income generation, lower volatility, and tax-aware investing.

"When you think about income, it's a difficult story today. Rates are low, dividends are kind of hit or miss if you will. So you really do need a multi-asset approach to income." —Steve Deroian, U.S. Co-Head of Retail Product

About the Portfolio Intelligence podcast

The Portfolio Intelligence podcast features interviews with asset allocation experts, portfolio construction specialists, and investment veterans from across John Hancock’s multimanager network. Hosted by John Bryson, head of investment consulting at John Hancock Investment Management, the dynamic discussion explores ideas advisors can use today to build their business while helping their clients pursue better investment outcomes.