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About the authors

Emily R. Roland, CIMA
Co-Chief Investment Strategist

Emily leads the investment research function for John Hancock Investment Management. She and her team are responsible for leveraging capital markets and industry research to help set the firm’s product and business strategy.

Matthew D. Miskin, CFA
Co-Chief Investment Strategist

Matt is a senior member of the investment research team at John Hancock Investment Management , where he focuses on capital markets research. He also works closely with the firm’s manager oversight team to obtain real-time insight of investment trends from the firm’s network of asset managers. 

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September 24, 2021 | 19:28 | Ep. 36

Fixed‐income investors are making some false assumptions about the market that could negatively affect portfolios, according to Co‐Chief Investment Strategists Emily R. Roland, CIMA, and Matthew D. Miskin, CFA. Using fixed‐income data analytics and market history, the strategists debunk narratives such as the U.S. Federal Reserve tapering its bond purchases will automatically lead to higher U.S. Treasury yields. Listen to this podcast to avoid four fixed‐income myths in today’s markets.

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