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The Portfolio Intelligence podcast with John Bryson, head of investment consulting at John Hancock Investment Management, features interviews with asset allocation experts, portfolio construction specialists, and investment veterans from across John Hancock’s multimanager network. The dynamic discussion explores ideas advisors can use today to build their business while helping their clients pursue better investment outcomes.

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The pulse of value investing

July 8th, 2020 | 25:40 | Ep. 9

Jay Feeney, chief investment officer at Boston Partners, explores value investing and questions about the persistence of the value premium. According to Jay, when value is out of favor, that’s not the time to lose your conviction in the investing style’s future potential. While the severity of value’s underperformance relative to growth has repeatedly challenged investor expectations in recent years, today’s extreme spreads in valuation between growth and value stocks suggest a rising probability of mean reversion.

The swoosh recovery

June 17th, 2020 | 20:49 | Ep. 8

Markets have come a long way fast since their late March lows. But with forward guidance from the U.S. Federal Reserve indicating near-zero interest rates through 2022, what does that mean for portfolios looking forward? As Co-Chief Investment Strategists Emily Roland and Matt Miskin discuss with host John Bryson, there’s a record amount of cash on the sidelines—$4.7 trillion—and investors want to know where to get the best bang for their buck across the yield curve and economic sectors. Faced with the prospect of a Nike “swoosh”-shaped recovery, in which the economy drops sharply and then slowly rebuilds, Emily and Matt counsel a diversified, balanced approach across stocks and bonds, maintaining a focus on intermediate-term bonds, a neutral stance with respect to value and growth styles, and a continued emphasis on higher-quality opportunities.

About our host

John P. Bryson leads the firm's investment consulting team, which is responsible for initiatives and businesses, including portfolio consulting, product channel consulting, exchange-traded fund capital markets, college savings, and stable value. He is a member of the John Hancock investment committee and the John Hancock 529 investment oversight committee, and he serves as chairman of the John Hancock pension and 401(k) investment subcommittee.


Prior to joining John Hancock Investment Management in 2008, he held product management and development positions at Fidelity Investments in the intermediary and defined contribution business units. Other previous roles include client service, investment training, and product specialist positions at New England Funds and Putnam Investments. John earned a B.S. in Finance and an M.B.A. from Boston College.