We build funds based on investor needs, then we search the world to find proven portfolio teams with specialized expertise in those strategies. Select a fund for details on strategy, expenses, performance, and rankings.

Separately managed accounts

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) are designed for high-net-worth individuals seeking tailored investment solutions along with direct ownership of securities. SMAs provide access to institutional-caliber portfolio services across U.S. and international equity, fixed-income, and balanced portfolio strategies—all managed by veteran teams at Manulife Investment Management.

Invests in companies of all market capitalizations that possess wide moats and offer the potential to compound cash flows across market cycles

Invests in large-cap companies that demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage and are trading at compelling discounts to their long-term intrinsic value

Seeks long-term capital appreciation through opportunistic exposure to companies with global franchises and sustainable competitive advantage

Invests in profitable small-cap companies with niche business models that offer improving earnings and attractive valuations

Global Equity Strategy

Seeks long-term capital appreciation from quality global companies with strong fundamentals

U.S. Small Cap Value Strategy

Invests in high-quality small-cap companies with long-term growth potential that are trading at a significant discount to their intrinsic fair value

Core Bond Strategy

Pursues capital preservation and high current income by investing in a mix of high-quality U.S. government, agency, and corporate bonds, as well as securitized debt

Core Plus Bond Strategy

Pursues high current income consistent with a prudent level of risk by investing in a mix of government and corporate bonds, as well as securitized debt

The benefits of separately managed accounts

-Direct ownership of securities in a professionally managed portfolio

-Potential for tax efficiency through the use of in-kind securities and other strategies

-Portfolio customization, including the ability to exclude certain securities or sectors based on social, political, or environmental beliefs


Asset allocation model porfolios

Model portfolios are a great way to get diversified exposure to financial markets in a single step. Our multimanager asset allocation models bring together some of the best specialized investment teams from around the world, helping investors achieve:


  • Broad exposure to global financial markets
  • Diversification through a mix of asset classes, investment styles, and asset managers

Global equity model

Strategic equity allocation across market capitalizations, geographies, and sectors


  • Global Dynamic Equity Model Portfolio

Multimanager active/passive models

Cost-efficient implementation of active and passive strategies


  • Multimanager Active/Passive Aggressive Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Active/Passive Balanced Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Active/Passive Conservative Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Active/Passive Growth Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Active/Passive Moderate Model Portfolio

Multimanager models

Active mutual fund implementation to deliver highest potential for alpha


  • Multimanager Aggressive Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Balanced Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Conservative Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Growth Model Portfolio
  • Multimanager Moderate Model Portfolio
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