John Hancock Freedom 529 offers the Education Planning Center for college planning

An online tool to help customers plan and save, making a complex process manageable

BOSTON, MA (October 1, 2018)—John Hancock Investment Management today announced that the John Hancock Freedom 529 education savings plan has launched the Education Planning Center, a complimentary, online suite of college planning tools for clients. Through the secure site, clients can:

  • Establish each child’s individual education goals
  • Search for schools and scholarships
  • Get information to attend a college fair or plan a campus visit
  • Prep for and schedule required tests
  • Find financial aid resources
  • Monitor the college application process

“This tool offers families and their financial advisors a single destination to navigate the complex task of getting a child to college,” said John P. Bryson, head of portfolio consulting and college savings for John Hancock Investment Management. “With the cost of higher education continuing to climb, college is becoming an increasingly significant savings challenge. It was important to us to be a source of useful information and practical financial guidance to make the process easier.”  

In addition to offering background on the significant benefits of using 529 plans for saving for college and comprehensive information on all the stages of college planning, John Hancock Freedom 529 is also making saving through its plan more attractive by:

  • Reducing the initial investment minimum from $1,000 to $250, effective November 1, 2018
  • Enabling beneficiaries of the plan to attend the University of Alaska at the in-state tuition rate regardless of where they live – representing a potential annual savings of more than $16,000 – if they’ve held an account for at least the two years immediately preceding enrollment.*

“We’re pleased to offer a plan that’s designed to help make the dream of a college education more attainable. The plan’s unique multimanager platform provides investors and their advisors access to specialized expertise from more than 20 of the nation’s leading money management firms, as well as diversification by asset class and investment style,” said Mr. Bryson.

* University of Alaska Fairbanks, May 2018.