A message from our CEO and chairperson of the board

December 2020



Each quarter, John Hancock Investment Management provides shareholders with an update on their investments accompanied by related guidance and information. Along with our latest update, we’re pleased to share the first in a series of quarterly video conversations between Andrew G. Arnott, president and CEO, John Hancock Investment Management, head of wealth and asset management, United States and Europe, and Hassell H. McClellan, chairperson, John Hancock Group of Funds Board of Trustees.

Their initial conversation focuses on the John Hancock Group of Funds Board of Trustees, how it serves the best interests of shareholders, and how our board members apply their experiences and backgrounds for the benefit of shareholders. In the future, they will be discussing a wide range of investment-related topics, which we hope will inform your view of John Hancock Investment Management and be of interest to you. We’ve provided an excerpt below from the video to give you a better sense of what you can expect from their first discussion.


Andy Arnott: I want to ask you about your role on the board. Could you talk about the board's function and how it serves in the best interest of shareholders through its oversight role?

Hassell McClellan: Well, you put your finger on it and I’m glad you used that word, Andy: oversight. I think that one of the misconceptions that a lot of people have is that a board is a watchdog and that you are somehow detached and you’re there to play a kind of “gotcha” role. In my view, I think that's completely wrong … The oversight role, especially for a mutual fund asset management company, is that clear fiduciary role. We have the responsibility to act on behalf of our shareholders, the duty of loyalty, and the duty of care to ensure that we are optimizing. And I don't say maximizing, but optimizing the value of the assets that shareholders have trusted us to be good stewards of in our role. I like to think that we also have a partnership with management, you the advisor, because we have the same objective with appropriate risk parameters and investment options to optimize the value for shareholders.

To view the entire video, click here.