Steady, strong results

John Hancock Bond Fund and John Hancock Investment Grade Bond Fund have 5-star overall ratings and are in the top decile of 10-year performance according to Morningstar.

John Hancock Bond Fund (Class I)



Intermediate core-plus bond category, as of 10/31/21.



Intermediate core-plus bond category, as of 10/31/21.

John Hancock Investment Grade Bond Fund (Class I)



Intermediate core bond category, as of 10/31/21.



Intermediate core bond category, as of 10/31/21.


Prepare for uncertainty

If history is any guide, when yields move off today's historic lows, the climb may be steep and sudden. Portfolios that take too much risk today in search of yield may be vulnerable to sharper setbacks tomorrow.


Although interest rates have been in a multidecade downtrend, Treasury yields are prone to sudden, unpredictable spikes. This can be painful for bond investors who aren't positioned properly.

Interest rates are low but can rise quickly 

U.S. 10-year Treasury yield (%), blue bars represent short-term increases in interest rates.


Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, as of 3/5/21. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Why Manulife Investment Management for fixed income?

A global leader in fixed-income investing

With a heritage of risk management that dates back more than a century, Manulife Investment Management today is one of the world's leading fixed-income managers. Focused, experience teams draw on substantial global resources in a culture of collaboration.

Our fixed-income team combines local insight with global reach 

  • 155 investment professionals in 14 locations
  • 10 teams around the globe
  • Managing more than $200 billion in fixed-income assets for clients worldwide 

Consistent, bottom-up approach 

The portfolio team has applied the same investment approach for nearly two decades, drawing on Manulife Investment Management's large credit research team to focus on security selection rather than top-down allocation. The result has been a steady sector profile over time. 

John Hancock Bond Fund characteristics 

John Hancock Bond Fund can tactically shift among fixed-income asset classes to seek opportunities, including asset-backed securities, covertibles, and foreign bonds. 


Composition—assets % as of 9/30/21


John Hancock Investment Grade Bond Fund characteristics 

John Hancock Investment Grade Bond Fund can range beyond corporate bonds and Treasuries in search of income. 


Composition—assets % as of 9/30/21