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Navigating the challenges of today’s markets requires unique talents and expertise on a global scale. That’s why we’ve spent the past three decades building an unrivaled network of specialized asset managers, backed by some of the most rigorous investment oversight in the industry. The result is a diverse lineup of time-tested investments from one of America’s most trusted brands.

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Watch the new John Hancock Investments ad campaign and see why our multimanager approach is turning heads.

Our multimanager approach

Our unparalleled network of specialized asset managers includes 72 proven teams at 27 elite asset managers worldwide.

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Our network of specialized asset managers

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Robust manager research and oversight

We scour the globe for the best portfolio teams to manage our funds and then hold them to some of the industry’s toughest standards for risk and performance.

A higher standard of oversight

Leo M. Zerilli, CIMA, Head of Investments

Results for investors

Four- and five-star Morningstar ratings across asset classes, from fixed income to equities to alternatives

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Market Intelligence app

The quarterly outlook from our asset management network across key markets and asset classes, now available for iPad.

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See how the our unique approach blends the innovation and agility of boutique asset managers with strong risk controls and oversight.

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Discussing fees with your clients

Financial advisors: How well do you communicate on the subject of fees? Discover some actionable ideas on how to discuss the value you provide.

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Currency tides may be changing, providing more lift for international equities

The damage that the U.S. dollar’s strength has inflicted on international equity returns may have run its course, as a recent comeback for foreign currencies has enhanced the appeal of international stocks.

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Low economic growth—here to stay

There’s a schism about where global economic growth is going, with some analysts arguing a structural break from secular stagnation is under way. See why we disagree—and what it means for investors.

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Mile 18 of a marathon market cycle: expect low returns to the finish

Near mile 18 of a 26-mile U.S. market cycle, with some sore spots emerging, see what global asset classes offer the most—and least—attractive return prospects.

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